"You Are Mine"

First published in 1991, "You Are Mine" is one of the most popular contemporary liturgical songs used in the Church today.  It consistently appears at the top of "favorite liturgical song" lists and surveys and is heard in parishes around the world. In this episode, composer David Haas speaks with Zack Stachowski and Matt Reichert to break open the song, sharing the origins and intentions behind the piece.  Topics discussed include the emotional connections to liturgical music, singing text set in the voice of God, and what it means to "let a song go" when it has found a life of its own. David is joined by friend and composer Kate Cuddy. If you feel a connection to this beautiful piece, it will be deepened after you listen to this episode.

So, please open your hymnal to "You Are Mine."


Episode links

For more information about David Haas and his other compositions, visit his composer pages at OCP and GIA Publications.

For more information about Kate Cuddy and her compositions, visit her composer page at GIA Publications.

You can purchase a copy of the song score and a copy of the original song recording from GIA Publications.

You can purchase a copy of the live concert recording (from the "Glory Day" recording), a copy of the instrumental piano recording (arranged and performed by Paul Tate), and a copy of the instrumental ensemble recording (arranged by Stephen Petrunak) from GIA Publications.

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