"Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"

There are numerous Marian hymns and songs in each Catholic hymnal. In this episode, Zack Stachowski and Matt Reichert discuss one of the best-loved and most-cherished, "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman". In conversation with the song's composer, Carey Landry, Zack and Matt discuss the imagery used to describe Mary, the surprising lack of congregational songs that incorporate the "Hail Mary" text, and the catechetical impact of Carey's music. Plus, Carey shares (and sings!) about his important ministry as a hospital chaplain. 

So, please open your hymnal to "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman."


Episode links

For more information about Carey Landry and his other compositions, visit his composer page at OCP.

You can purchase a copy of the score and a copy of the original song recording from OCP. Here you can also purchase the other Carey Landry songs you heard in this episode: "Only a Shadow," "Peace is Flowing Like a River," and "Bloom Where You're Planted."

You can purchase a copy of the instrumental piano recording (arranged and performed by Paul Tate) from GIA Publications. You can also purchase a copy of the choral recording (arranged by Richard Proulx and performed by the Cathedral Singers) and a copy of Dan Kantor's "Ave Maria" from GIA Publications. 

You can watch the video recording of Bobby McFerrin's live concert performance of the Bach/Gounod "Ave Maria", with the audience singing along, on YouTube. 

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