"I Send You Out"

There is a lot to unpack in our Season 2 premier: the role and place of contemporary music, style wars, the synthesis of faith-culture-life, how we must do a better job of sending instead of just gathering, and more. Even Hootie & the Blowfish make an appearance! Listen as Zack Stachowski and Matt Reichert speak with composer John Angotti about one of his best-loved songs, "I Send You Out." They'll touch on all of the topics already mentioned, and offer insights into the pastoral, musical, and liturgical realities of being music missionaries, not just music ministers. In doing so, John shares about his creation of the song, his own journey and vocation as a music minister, and the critical work of ministry.

Matt Reichert and John Angotti

Matt Reichert and John Angotti

So, please open your hymnal to "I Send You Out."


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For more information about John Angotti and his other compositions, visit his composer page at World Library Publications. You can also visit his website at: www.johnangotti.com.

You can purchase a copy of the score and a copy of the song recording from World Library Publications. 

You can find the book Zack references, This is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitin, at Penguin Random House. 

To learn more about the 2018 One Call Institute "Summer Ministry Colloquium," visit the event webpage. Register today! 

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