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Christmas is just around the corner, and we at Open Your Hymnal are celebrating by giving away free stuff! Thanks to the generosity of GIA Publications and OCP, twelve lucky listeners will win a recording made by one of the twelve composers we have interviewed this year. You can view the prizes below (they are listed by artist in alphabetical order).

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Tony Alonso - Revival

Revival is a long overdue resource that provides fresh accessible arrangements of classic hymns for contemporary ensembles. Each arrangement is scored for SAB choir, piano, guitar, and optional instrumental parts. For added texture, the final stanza of each hymn includes an alternate harmonization of the accompaniment with a soprano descant. These fourteen arrangements will open a whole new set of treasured hymns to piano and guitar based ensembles. Compatible with the versions founds in GIA’s most recent hymnals, each of these arrangements is intended to support and inspire the sung prayer of the assembly. Every one will find a comfortable home in your repertoire throughout the liturgical year!

A special spiral bound edition of Revival is also available. This edition is perfect for accompanists who would also like to use these hymn arrangements as preludes, interludes, or postludes.

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Cortez, Jaime.jpg

Jaime Cortez - Transformation

Transformation—such a powerful word to describe the changes we undergo throughout our lives. With songs that encourage us to leave everything behind and surrender to God's call, Transformation is the perfect title for Jaime Cortez’s new collection. These songs, drawn straight from the Scriptures, feature simple, straightforward melodies and lyrics, and are wonderful for praise bands, youth groups and church ensembles to play at retreats, prayer gatherings and even Mass. Featuring musical styles that range from rock with electric guitars to an indie-folk sound with violin and piano, this album is perfect for those who are feeling called to minister in a new way or those experiencing overall change in their lives.

The flowing melody and simple lyrics of “Take Up Your Cross” enhance any liturgy with its message of discipleship and following Christ wherever he leads. “The Servant King” speaks lovingly of Christ’s sacrifice with easy-to-learn lyrics in a captivating folk style, and the title track speaks of God's greatness and our struggle to trust the Lord with our lives.

Throughout every track Jaime successfully accomplishes his mission that "these songs be prayers of transformation when our God calls us into a deeper level of ministry.”

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Haas, David.png

David Haas - When We Are Weak We Are Strong

The Paschal Mystery (the life and deeds of Christ; his passion, death and resurrection) is at the center of the prayer and worship of all Christians.  At our weakest moments in life, we turn to Christ, our brother, whose blessed grace promises forgiveness, healing, and comfort. In our brokenness we often turn to the liturgy where we are fed by Christ’s word and liberating meal of restoration. When We Are Weak, We Are Strong is a collection of liturgical music that prays and sings this mystery of suffering and the hope that in turning our sorrow over to Christ, such healing and restoration can be found and celebrated.

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Haugen, Marty.jpg

Marty Haugen - Pilgrims and Companions

Timely and evocative, Pilgrims and Companions is filled with music that can accompany us on our personal journey of faith and on our common journey as community. It is a powerful collection of liturgical music suitable for Sundays, seasons, and special celebrations throughout the year. Each song has the potential to fill our mouths with “words that have the power to shape our faith and the faith of those who sing with us.” The inclusion of any one of these titles in your worship will help to break open God’s word and inscribe it on the hearts of those gathered.

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Bob Hurd - The Bread of Your Word

This latest offering from veteran composer Bob Hurd includes eight songs for Advent, Lent, Holy Thursday, Easter season and Ordinary Time as well as the complete Santa Clara Mass. With songs that flow wonderfully like gentle streams, The Bread of Your Word offers music with a cohesive quality in terms of both melody and text. 

The melodies are easy to sing, moving gently in a way that will allow any choir or assembly to quickly pick them up and bring them to life at Mass. The texts are drawn from the Scripture readings that appear on Sundays throughout the liturgical year and the ritual texts of the Mass—both sources of God's word and the nourishment it provides.

Musical styles range from Celtic folk and rock to chant and more traditional keyboard-based liturgical music. Featuring Uilleann pipes and the penny whistle, "Every Creature Is Sister and Brother" offers a succinct summary of Pope Francis' Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home, filling a pressing need in our liturgical repertoire for music that speaks to our responsibility to the earth and its care. 

For those parishes that are ready to consider a new Mass setting, Santa Clara Mass might well be just what they're looking for. Bob's settings of the various parts of the Mass can be accompanied equally well with piano or guitar (or both!). The lovely melodic theme will make a memorable companion for parishioners as they are sure to find themselves humming it throughout the week.

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Fr. Michael Joncas - Within Our Hearts Be Born

Enrich worship throughout Advent and Christmastide with hymn settings for the entire three-year Lectionary cycle. 

Discover beautiful hymn texts: In this inspiring collection, Michael Joncas offers hymns of the day for each Sunday and solemnity throughout Advent and Christmastide—for the entire three-year Lectionary cycle!

Reflect on Scripture with insightful commentaries: Opening with an introduction to using hymns of the day, Within Our Hearts Be Born displays each hymn in poetic stanzas, as well as in four-part settings of beloved hymn tunes. Michael also includes insightful commentaries that connect the texts to the Scripture reading and provide helpful notes for priests, choir directors and singers.

Enrich worship throughout Advent and Christmas: "Raw the Voice and Fierce the Message" (Second Sunday of Advent, Year A) carries John the Baptist's message to today's worshipers. Intricately constructed in its poetic form, "O Ancient Love, Processing Through the Ages" is a wonderful selection for Christmas Vigil Mass. "When Jesus Comes to Jordan's Stream" (Baptism of the Lord, Year A) is rich in theological reflection.

Inspire congregational singing: His songs have become mainstays in parish repertoires around the world, from "A Voice Cries Out" to "On Eagle's Wings." Showcasing beautifully written texts by this gifted composer, Within Our Hearts Be Born presents 24 contemporary hymns for the Advent and Christmas seasons to inspire congregational singing.

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Dan Kantor - Night of Silence

"Night of Silence," the best-selling contemporary classic hymn often paired with “Silent Night,” is now available in a “home edition” for use in personal celebrations. “Night of Silence—Home Edition” is a resource that families can use as an Advent reflection that unfolds and builds through- out the four weeks of the season. The convenient 9” x 12” trifold layout eliminates pages turns. This family-friendly, unison arrangement with piano accompaniment will infuse you with the spirit of the Nativity. You’ll want to leave this beautiful edition out on your piano as part of your Advent decor.

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Carey Landry - All is Well with My Soul

Carey Landry's music has been sung around the world and inspired faith in young and old. Packed with 11 signature titles, many with re-recorded vocals and added choral parts, as well as three new tracks that are sure to be future classics, All Is Well with My Soul is a testament to a ministry spanning over 40 years...and counting!

Covering themes such as unity and ministry outreach, as well as sacraments and feasts, these hymns enhance worship throughout the year, as well as personal prayer and reflection. Plus, you’ll also enjoy the accompanying photos and stories detailed in the 24-page CD booklet.

Composed to support a variety of occasions, the title track can be used for Lent, Evening Prayer and the funeral liturgy. "It Is Good to Wait in Silence" serves as the ideal song for Morning Prayer, and "Whisper Your Love, Lord," born from one of Carey's favorite Scripture passages, carries the "still, small voice of God" straight into the listener’s heart.

From start to finish, this collection brings fresh, beautiful arrangements to some of Carey's most well known songs. Rediscover gems you know and love or introduce them to a new generation of parishioners!

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Jesse Manibusan - Unidos

Sharing a burning desire to bring people together through the power of music and worship, Santiago Fernández and Jesse Manibusan team up to deliver seven contemporary bilingual songs to inspire faith both inside and outside of the liturgy.

Commissioned for the official theme song of the 2012 Religious Education Congress, "Voice Infusing Life/Voz Que Infunde Vida" features these two incredible artists at their best. Powerful vocals and soul-stirring lyrics combine to bear testimony that a simple song can truly transform lives.

Stylings from Spanish rhumba and bolero to traditional ballads and Latin rock create a fusion of sound and culture that will energize your music ministry. Lively and playful, the title track kicks things off with contagious rhythms and amazing guitar work. "Para Amar Como Tu" (To Love Like You) serves as a passionate call to discipleship, while "Open My Eyes/Abre Mis Ojos" provides a beautifully reflective close to the album.

Whether you’re looking to unite your English- and Spanish-speaking parishioners in song, or need a playlist for personal prayer, Unidos offers a variety of music to lift hearts and voices in praise of God.

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Fr. Fran O'Brien - Can You Hear Me Now?

In an oratorio style, Can You Hear Me Now? by Francis Patrick O’Brien is an exploration of God’s call to humanity and our response illustrated through events in the lives of biblical characters and contemporary believers. While this striking and evocative work is written as a theatrical performance piece, individual octavos will be available separately and can be used in liturgical celebrations where call and response, conversion, faithful witness, and faith sustained are the focus. Can You Hear Me Now? was debuted to stunning reviews at the 2010 NPM National Convention.

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Dan Schutte - God With Us

Amid the distractions and hectic pace of preparing for Advent and Christmas, it is easy to forget that God is always present... even in that busyness. Dan Schutte's inspiring prayer book, God With Us, encourages us to pause and breathe in the love bestowed upon us throughout this season of hope.

Featuring a companion CD of Dan's music, each of the twelve prayers in God With Us contains: an engaging photograph, an inspiring reflection, a prayer, a Scripture passage, lyrics for the song, a self-reflection, a keystone (a simple phrase to carry with you in your daily activities during Advent and Christmas).

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Lori True - Let This Be the Time

In her music collection Let This Be the Time, Lori True presents us with a powerful and urgent call to put our faith into action. Each “song prayer” expresses the profound and compelling partnership between our prayer and our mission.

True’s composing prowess compliments the compelling texts of renowned writers Shirley Erena Murray, Ruth Duck, Delores Dufner, John L. Bell, and Mary Louise Bringle, enhancing and articulating their meaning.

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