"Canticle of the Turning"

Group shot! Podcast guests Jaime Cortez, David Haas, Rory Cooney, and Gary Daigle.  

Group shot! Podcast guests Jaime Cortez, David Haas, Rory Cooney, and Gary Daigle.  

Rory Cooney is a not only a gifted composer, he is also a prophetic writer of texts. In this interview, Zack Stachowski and Matt Reichert speak with Rory about the background of one of his best-loved pieces, "Canticle of the Turning," to learn more about his theological and catechetical treatment of the Magnificat text. They also discuss the use of secular Irish folk melody with special guest, Ian Callanan, who joins the conversation from Ireland. 

So, please open your hymnal to "Canticle of the Turning."


Episode links

For more information about Rory Cooney and his other compositions, visit his composer pages at GIA Publications, OCP, and WLP. Also, be sure to check out his blog, "Gentle Reign". The specific blog post about this song is from August, 2014.

You can purchase a copy of the score and a copy of the song recording from GIA Publications. Here you can also purchase the instrumental piano recording of "Canticle of the Turning" (by Paul Tate) as well as David Haas' setting of the Magnificat, "Holy is Your Name." You can purchase Fr. Michael Joncas' setting, "Mary's Song," and Carey Landry's song "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman" at OCP.

The recording of "Star of the County Down" by the Chieftains can be purchased on iTunes. You can find the recording of "For Christ the King (An Army of Youth)" on YouTube.

You can learn more about Ian Callanan's music by visiting his composer page at GIA publications.

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