Special Feature: "A Place Called Home" (Joncas)

Songs of Mercy

During our interview, Fr. Michael Joncas shared one of his recent projects, a hymn text called "A Place Called Home". Listen to his description of the hymn, and then check it out using the links below. A powerful text matched with a familiar melody, this piece would make an easy and impactful addition to your congregation's repertoire. 

Feature links

You can purchase a copy of the song score and a copy of the audio recording from GIA Publications. The recording is featured on the album Songs of Mercy

You can watch a performance of the song by viewing the video recording of the "With Gratitude" concert, originally presented at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in February of 2017 (the presentation of the piece begins at the 1:03:50 mark).

You can request the resource Singing WelcomeHymns and Songs of Hospitality for Refugees and Immigrants from The Hymn Society. 

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