"By the Waters of Babylon"

Paul Tate

Paul Tate

Many composers have a “sound,” a certain combination of style and musical influences that are unique to them. Paul Tate’s “sound” is a combination of the many influences that have shaped his musical life: liturgical music, musical theater, pop music, and more. Join co-hosts Zack Stachowski and Matt Reichert as they speak with Paul about his setting of Psalm 137: “By the Waters of Babylon” and dig into the Paul Tate “sound.” They’ll speak about composition, text painting, writing piano accompaniment, and more!

So, please open your hymnal to "By the Waters of Babylon"!


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For more information about Paul Tate and his other compositions, visit his composer pages at World Library Publications and GIA Publications.

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You can purchase a copy of the score and a copy of the song recording for "By the Waters of Babylon” from World Library Publications.

You can also purchase the other song recordings you heard in this episode: “Glory to God” (David Haas), “God Knows the Very Heart of You” (Paul Tate), “All is Holy” (Jeanne Cotter), “There are Many Rooms” (Liam Lawton), “I Will Give You Life” (Lori True), “My Soul Longs for You” (Paul Tate, Deanna Light Amar), and “Interlude No. 16” (Paul Tate).

You can find recordings of “On the Willows” (from Godspell) and “How Will I Know” (performed by Whitney Houston") on iTunes.

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